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The Big Sick

The Big Sick is a critically acclaimed romantic comedy. It starrs Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon and focusses around one of the main characters being in a coma. With Dunkirk and War on The Planet of The Apes released just weeks before, we had to ensure that this comparatively smaller release cut through as the endearing and quirky indy alternative. Education was also an important part of the overall campaign to ensure that the uplifting nature was portrayed.


Our TV campaign was very targeted and bespoke, focussing on 30” spots in key programming. Press included three screening programmes with key partners as well as cover sites across the more upmarket titles. We created lookalike audiences on our social platforms to further broaden our reach and ran high impact display formats across multiple channels drove awareness and click throughs. Despite a surprisingly sunny weekend and tough competition – cinema goers still came out in force to watch the film on opening weekend delivering a strong box office of £483,000!!


Project Team

Elise Cooper

Alex Davies

Misha Piasecka

Ellis Strouthos