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Still Alice

Based on the novel by Lisa Genova, Julianne Moore plays the Oscar winning role of a linguistics professor who is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease.


The strategy behind this campaign was to focus on the core independent audience and then broaden out to a wider female cinema going audience, whilst still maintaining strong coverage and frequency . The mediums used to achieve this were Digital, Outdoor and Print, working in parallel with one another to target our desired audience.


Print was used to broaden out to a wider female audience by using  large impactful formats in women’s weeklies and weekend supplements. Impactful formats were also used in other large circulating and quality print titles to maximise the potential reach.


Outdoor was used as a broadcast medium to branch out to the wider audiences using Rail 6 sheets to create impact and coverage on a National scale, with up-weighting towards London through a medium-weight campaign on the Underground.


In term of Digital, Social Media allowed an outlet in which we could be highly targeted to our core independent audience, through this medium we pushed out all the audio visual content to engage with the core audience. High Impact formats such as takeovers were used on a number of news sites to elevate the release amongst key heavy cinema going audiences.


There was also a tactical element to capitalise on the Oscar win. Digital outdoor was used as a three day burst following the Oscar win to drive advance booking as well as highlight the win.


Within 3 weeks Still Alice grossed £1.6M at the Box Office


Outdoor, Online & Print


Curzon Film World

Project Team

Rebecca Jones, Naomi White & Marc Baylis