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This epic drama tells the story of two devout young Jesuit priests (Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver) who, in the early 17th century, risk violence and persecution as they journey to Japan in search of their mentor (Liam Neeson), who travelled to Japan many years before and has now gone missing…

The legendary Martin Scorsese is one of the few filmmakers whose name can bring in both indie and more mainstream audiences, so it was our challenge to ensure this longstanding passion project was successfully brought to cinemas nationwide.  In order to achieve this we had to create strong levels of advance awareness amongst our target audiences throughout December and into the New Year.  This meant we had to ensure we had the best possible sites and formats via which to showcase any early awards nominations and critical acclaim.

We wanted to portray the film’s powerful story and impressive director and cast through engaging content starting early to ensure our audience were aware of the film before the Christmas period. Utilising large dominating Outdoor formats pre-Christmas with standout Roadside placements and impactful London Underground sites ensured that awareness was fully intensified over the busiest time of year when footfall in city centres is at its highest.

Playing tactically over Christmas was crucial as media channels and also consumer behaviour is very different over this period.  Press consumption reduces as people are out of their normal habits i.e not commuting to work, so we needed to reach them where we knew they would be spending time and utilise other channels such as TV and Online to ensure we still ran a holistic and effective campaign.

We then needed to amplify awareness post Xmas when our audience are back to their normal routine so booked Waterloo Motion and nationwide Transvision screens over the end of December and into the New Year in order to reach our audience as they were returning to London.  We then drove further awareness in upmarket newsbrands as we knew they would be consuming this channel typically again.


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Project Team

Becs Jones, Skirma Vizinyte & Nicola Teague