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Robocop, an update of the 80s classic, was released during the busy January awards season making it important for us to cut through the other noise and fully engage our audience with this action movie. Using the strategy of instructing our audience that they had “14 days to comply”, the campaign focused across the two week period prior to release and relied on heavy Television, Outdoor and Online activity coupled with a Press and Radio presence.

A broad TV and Outdoor campaign delivered mass awareness on a national level and elevated RoboCop to the lofty status of the must see action film in February.  Kick off spots in films and important sporting events drove early awareness amongst our core male audience, while large format and digital outdoor provided a premium and futuristic personality to the campaign.

A special highlight included a 60” infomercial for Omnicorp which was transmitted during C4’s biggest show at the time, ‘Benefit Street’, and delivered 5.3 million viewers. This activity was supported by London Digital Bus Shelter 6 Sheets (4-7pm) and both Twitter and YouTube to amplify the reach of this TV spot. Social platforms were also used to intensify excitement relating to a giant piece of Robocop graffiti that dominated Redchurch Street in Shoreditch. The stunt was popular amongst onlookers and helped build excitement in the days prior to the film’s release.

Press ads were run in various formats in the week running up to release with a 4 page wrap of Shortlist making a big impact the day before release. Empire, Sport, The Sun and Metro were also used to ensure a high level of awareness for our target audience.

Through online activity we were able to reach out to younger audiences across a number of gaming networks and a YouTube masthead takeover on the day of release helped deliver a really strong opening weekend which exceeded expectations.

RoboCop went on to top the UK Box Office on its opening night and proved to be an absolute triumph.


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