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Paddington, Michael Bond’s beloved bear from darkest Peru is widely considered a National treasure and with the Christmas timed release date, it was important to create a media campaign that conveyed his magical adventure to both those who grew up with Paddington as well as a new generation of children. With such a strong heritage and standout British credentials, we positioned this film as the must see family film for the whole family to enjoy.


Buying across multiple audiences being Parents, Grandparents and kids delivered one of the biggest Christmas television campaigns this Christmas. Implementing 10,20 and 30 second airtime with sponsorships and promotions on Pop, Nickelodeon and Boomerang. Television was the lead media  to reach children and introduce the character of our friendly little bear. Highlights from a heavy weight campaign which delivered over 500 ratings, include spots in the X Factor, Downton Abbey and Alan Carr Chatty Man all of which were supported by social media content to generate the need-to-see factor.  Heavy outdoor investment spanned two in-charge periods using different creative across both and began with large scale formats to grab attention and then followed by smaller coverage driving formats as well as standout bus shelter wraps at key locations in London.


Press ranged from large impactful placements including supplement cover sites and a 4 page cover wrap of Time Out, to smaller more engaging placements which utilizing marmalade footprints to draw the reader’s attention by using break out ads. A high impact multimedia channel partnership was created with the Telegraph across press, online, social and tablet to deliver a high frequency versus a core older audience who would fondly remember the original Paddington.


Digital offered the opportunity to use a variety of different engaging formats to reach parents and kids alike in highly targeted environments with bespoke messaging for each audience. Through radio spots on Magic FM we increased coverage and frequency across a female skewed audience and it also allowed us to sustain the campaign through into the Christmas period










Project Team

Tom Parry

Elise Cooper

Alice Bartlett

Skirma Vinzinyte

Tamar Ayres

Helen Wilson

Nick Garnett