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BAFTA-nominated and Oscar-winning Best Picture of 2017, Moonlight chronicles the life of Chiron, a young black man growing up in Miami. It is a timeless story of self-discovery and connection from childhood to adulthood portrayed in three lifestages. As this was released during the busy awards corridor, it was imperative that we maintained a strong share of voice in the crowded marketplace whilst also amplifying the stature of the release to perceivably match its competitors.


For the first phase of the campaign we focused on targeting the arthouse core, then once we had created buzz around the release, we broadened out to a wider audience. The main campaign was condensed into a 4-week period to ensure we created scale within each medium. To create scale we used impactful formats in all mediums: Transvisions were used to create scale nationally on rail, full pages were used in press and takeover formats were used online. Another key element to the campaign was to dominate an environment that was of great importance to our audience, We ran a partnership with the Guardian, by aligning ourselves with a key newsbrand, it meant we could drive awareness and tactically target our audience around any film-related content.


This led to an opening screen average of £7.3k,  and in its second release has gone on to gross over £1m.


Outdoor, Press and Online



Project Team

Misha Piasecka

Tamar Ayres

Rebecca Jones