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Macbeth is one of Shakespeare’s best known plays and this Justin Kurzel adaptation starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard is entirely in the original Shakespearean language so it was important to position the film as an epic cinematic experience.

A large scale TV campaign kicked off with 5” blipverts in Hunted, Master and Commander and Film: Rush on Channel 4 and Film4 to create early awareness across an upmarket audience. Other key highlights include Scotland Rugby World Cup games and Downton Abbey.

A heavy investment in outdoor helped convey the huge scale of the release with large formats such as the Euston Digi Wall and rail HD48 sheets. Digital formats like London Underground LCDs allowed for multiple creatives to be showcased which included red and white alternating backgrounds and offered a London upweight.

Press built awareness early on in the campaign with key supplement cover sites and then during the week of release more impactful breakout formats highlighted the ‘must-see’ nature of the film. A X-shape in the Daily Telegraph was one of the exciting features of a Telegraph cross-platform partnership that drove a high frequency across this vital audience through press, online, tablet and mobile.

Digital display was used to both drive awareness as well as offering creatively impactful formats. A mixture of direct site buys and networks offered both audience and environmental targeting. Newsbrands and film fans were reached with great results from sites such as IMDb and the Guardian.

Macbeth opened in the top 10 at the UK Box Office with a screen average of just under £2,000.


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Project Team

Tom Parry

Katherine Rubner

Nicola Teague

Luke Knowler

Skirma Vizinyte