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Legend, opening September 9th, depicts the true story of the notorious Kray twins and their rule of East London. This highly anticipated release features Tom Hardy in a sensational performance as both Ronnie and Reggie Kray; supported by the likes of Christopher Eccleston, Emily Browning and David Thewlis. The story follows the already established Krays in their most influential, right until their fall in the 60s.

The insight that arose while strategizing for the campaign was that most people in the city of London had a story or knew a story of the Krays, therefore personalisation and bringing the story to life was key across all our media. It was crucial that we elevated the scale of the release to deliver a strong box office target. It also needed to work on a national level outside of the film setting of London (Rule your ends)!

With London feeling like a character rather than a mere setting in the film, the Outdoor campaign focused on bringing to life the old Kray stomping ground as well as exhausting large digital formats in key cities that would ‘take over’ London, much like the Krays did. While TV kicked off awareness in cherry picked environments (Manchester V. Chelsea and Rugby Live Internationals England V. France: as well as the trial of Jimmy Rose for a more balanced audience), we complemented this with breakout press formats, such as the Metro Cascade (a new format to the market) and the Telegraph Archive page. To make sure that we communicated effectively with the commuter belt, Time Out wraps and Shortlist DPS’s were used also. Further partnerships with the Telegraph meant that co-branded content and competitions made Legend more accessible and excitable for our audience to engage with.

Digital also played a crucial role in starting conversations on social platforms and allowing sharability. Kicking off with Cinemagraphs to tease then eventually revealing the full trailer. Partnering up with Shazam we were able to tie up all media by enabling outdoor, press and TV to be Shazamable (also brand new to the market)-  leading users to the Legend hub where more content could be unlocked and tickets could be booked. The display aspects of the campaign were rich formats across key networks: these also included mobile interstitials and special builds.

Legend opened at number one in the UK box office bringing in a staggering £5.2m in the opening weekend.


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Project Team

Tom Parry

Grace Parruca

Helen Duck

Finny Lynch

Alice Bartlett

Jack Smith