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Blue Is The Warmest Colour

The critically acclaimed Palme d’OR winner, Blue is the warmest colour was released on the 22nd November 2013. The narrative intimately explores the relationship of two young girls who find love.  The film possessed strong editorial support, so it was imperative to reflect this with an impactful campaign reaching across all platforms. To create stand out we used large formats for all press ad’s.   In addition to this, we ran a large outdoor campaign on a range of formats; London Underground, Flyposting and London Calling, distributed in a few major cities (London, Manchester, Brighton etc). 

However a large majority of the budget was allocated to online activity over a range of different sites.  It was considered more cost efficient and effective to reach a younger, ‘tastemaker’ audience online as opposed to the more traditional press media channels. Alongside the digital campaign, the 4oD ad’s also allowed us to showcase the very strong audio visual assets using 30” trailers.

It achieved a fantastic screen average of £2,681 and then went on to gross over half a million at the box office.


National Press, Magazines, Digital, VOD and Outdoor


Curzon Film World

Project Team

Naomi White

Marc Baylis