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Despite just two albums to her name Amy Winehouse is one of the biggest music icons in British history.

From the director of the multi-award winning box office sensation SENNA, Asif Kapadia, the film reveals the extraordinary life behind the sensational headlines by examining the story of a prodigiously talented young woman whose life ended far too young.

To ensure the film connected with music fans, film fans and fans of Amy herself to cross the film over from documentary Art house to capture the attention of the mainstream audience, the campaign had 3 defined phases and roles within them for the media.

The first phase was to ‘Connect through Music’ harnessing early buzz around festival screenings and drip feeding content to an audience identified for their affiliation with the genre of music. We also ran in key credible music magazines across multiple platforms both display and integrated advertorials to help explain and showcase the stunning assets.

The 2nd phase of the campaign built on the positive early word of mouth and made a statement. All activity within this phase looked to capture attention using high impact placements. London was a key region to dominate because of the high propensity of documentary film fans and also Amy’s roots – London Underground 16 and 12 sheets ran for weeks before the film was released ensuring high frequency and premium placements across titles such as The Guardian, Times, Observer, Independent, I, Empire and Stylist magazines showcased the quality of the film.

The final phase activated before the release of the film competed for SOV and built awareness with Music and film takeovers, large press formats in high circulating titles and radio airtime across Absolute and XFM.

Amy has broken the UK box office record for the highest opening weekend of a British documentary film, grossing £519,000 from 133 cinemas since its release on Friday 3 July. The film will be expanding in the coming weeks.


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Alice Bartlett

Tamar Ayres

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