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99 Homes

99 Homes is the timely thriller starring Michael Shannon and Andrew Garfield based on the true events of the real estate market crash in the States. With a tense subject that some audiences may have perceived to be confusing, it was important to convey to the strong reviews it had received on the film festival circuit as well as the powerful performances from the acclaimed cast.


By partnering with the Guardian we were able to drive frequency across this key arthouse loving audience and build awareness early in the campaign prior to release. The partnership spanned both print and online with a key focus on film and entertainment environments. With a limited number of screens on the opening weekend, London was an important audience and London Underground 4 sheets targeted an upmarket commuter audience with a high frequency.


A strong social campaign drove engagement and video views across our target audience. 99 Homes opened with a screen average of over £1,500.


Press, Outdoor, Digital



Project Team

Katherine Rubner, Skirma Vizinyte