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Early Man

It was important to amplify the Aardman heritage in our comms. We wanted to ignite the nostalgia for our ABC1 parents and grandparents, whilst building enthusiasm and curiosity with 4-14yrs kids. The best way for our media channels to do this was to work closely with SC in introducing Doug and his gang to the world. Our print campaign focused heavily on cover sites and educational pieces where the characters were able to leap from the pages and stand out individually too. The Time Out cover wrap proved an impactful position for the parent on the go while the 8 page pull out in The Sunday Telegraph, gave families the opportunity to explore the characters in their own time, with their own clan.


Our outdoor campaign focused on dominating two main environments, (i) malls (ii) national roadside. Bus t -sides allowed us to dominate city centres while national mall D6’s, as well as Westfield Screens and adlifts, aided communication in showcasing both the Stone Age and Bronze Age tribes simultaneously. The Waterloo Domination which we held for just over two weeks, focused on targeting working parents as well as families out over the weekend in the Southbank.


Our TV campaign kicked off in December with kids and adult airtime, driving awareness at the start of the campaign. This was complimented with Turner and Sky sponsorships, driving frequency and affinity within our key target audiences during T-2. Once the DFS TV campaign was coming to an end we came back on air with higher ratings across both adult and kids airtime which helped elongate our campaign in a cost efficient manner. The highlight of our TV campaign saw Aardman ,SC, Target and C4 worked very closely together to create an exclusive ad break which ran for one week in key C4 programming. It consisted of special Early Man C4 logo and 4 x 10″ special Aardman built idents which portrayed dating, eating, property and entertainment in the stone age. This activity really drove relevance through marrying creative and environment. This was further supported by our online campaign through tweets which were then retweeted by C4, allowing us to reach a larger audience. Initial results were really positive and we are waiting for all data to consolidate so we can present the final results next week.


Early Man was very much a creatively led campaign and we used our online platforms to showcase our plethora of assets. Furthermore we brought onboard Superawesome and Roblox who were able to create bespoke executions to showcase the characters, aiming to engage our younger audience. Last but not least, we partnered up with Heart FM to target families on the go and enticed them with a competition, while our Capital airtime on week of release ensured mass reach accessing a broader audience.


Media team:

Press, Outdoor, Radio: Grace Parruca

Digital: Jack Smith

TV: Luke Knowler