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The Elder Scrolls Online

Tasked with increasing views on Bethesda’s first MMO gameplay trailer Target’s performance team developed a multi channel media strategy to reach the core audience in the right environments. Results far exceeded the most optimistic projections gathering valuable data on the interest patterns of viewers which was fed into the Beta signup campaign. Using a combination of Display, VOD, Search, Social and DSP a multi-layer campaign was built generating hundreds of millions of impressions across Europe and Australia. Behavioural data was analysed across the ESO website to retarget users with beta messaging based on multiple tiers of data including location, dwell time, time of day and affinity with similar content. Working closely with the brand team; audience and targeting data was used to optimise against interested but unengaged users that would otherwise have been missed.


All campaign data for active media strategies were pulled into our custom reporting tool; this allowed us to display extremely complicated campaign data in an easily customisable and digestible dashboard.




Project Team

Mary Bond

Trey Douglas