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Wolfenstein: The New Order

The launch of Wolfenstein: The New Order, was the ninth entry into the classic series, a franchise which is widely considered as the originator of the modern First Person Shooter. With this expansive gaming history dating back to 1981, and the last game released in 2009 to lukewarm reviews, the challenge was to re-ignite the franchise and bring this title to a new gaming audience and establish its AAA status. To achieve this we deployed a ‘Guerilla Wolfare’ approach to our marketing campaign to strike quickly and efficiently in the run up to launch, and ensure Wolfenstein’s presence dominated key media channels over launch week. The campaign included a gaming media first using the new Waterloo Motion digital OOH platform, which when complemented with the Waterloo Roadside Domination created a key highlight within an un-missable OOH campaign that showcased Wolfenstein’s unique and impactful creative. The game’s launch was a huge success capturing the #1 spot in the gaming charts, and was the second biggest release of the calendar year to date.








Bethesda Softworks

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