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Skyrim: Special Edition

Target Media originally helped launch The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim in November 2011, and since then it has acted as a major influence on gaming culture – considered by many to be the defining game of a generation. In 2016 we were tasked to help release a remastered version, which despite its heritage, faced huge challenges in a progressive industry that had made monumental leaps since its original release five years ago – now facing perennially brutal competition in the run up to Christmas.

Our strategy relied on a confidence in the social status Skyrim still commanded – taking an accolade-led approach and focusing on a simple message distributed within social platforms to drive buzz and a AAA feel. High-impact branding worked alongside targeted programmatic and retail activity to amplify and capitalise on hype and make Skyrim: SE the obvious choice for gifters. We used partners and platforms that allowed us to remind older players why they loved the original whilst still bringing Skyrim to a new, younger audience – a highlight being the hugely shareable and successful Snapchat partnership that saw users take on the role of the famous Nord and share images and videos of themselves bellowing ‘Fus Ro Dah’ in the now iconic horned helmet.

Skyrim: Special Edition met with huge success, reaching #2 in the UK charts to topple numerous AAA titles many years its junior in a success replicated across our European campaigns – where it failed to chart below #3 in any market.


Digital (Social, Programmatic, Retail, Video, Display)


Bethesda Softworks

Project Team

Tom Wallace, Kim FitzGerald, Stephen Juson, Loki Atanda, Reuben Litman, Nick Toogood