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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Konami’s Metal Gear Rising represented a yearlong campaign and balanced Japanese built assets with western media implementation. With a heavy focus on digital, there was a strong social presence tailored around key media placements such as the Real Madrid/Manchester Utd Champions League meeting and the PS4 launch announcement which attached the game to key trending topics of the hour and kicked off the campaign in an emphatic style. ┬áThe core online strategy was content creation to ensure maximum engagement with gamers while our in-house creative team, Superhero, optimised our standardised ad units into HTML5 to ensure the consumer received a fully immersive digital experience during the campaign. Metal Gear Rising reached No 2 in the charts on the week of release and punched well above its weight compared to other bigger spending titles in the same release window.


TV, Online Display, High Impact Display, Search, Social, Specialist Press, Outdoor, Underground



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Tom Wallace

Sophia Stilliard

Jack Bannerman