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Elder Scrolls Online: One Tamriel Update

Target Media have worked on multiple Elder Scrolls Online campaigns since its initial release in April 2014 on PC – helping to make a success of its migration onto console and maintaining a consistent presence across 5 DLC releases and ongoing promotional activity.

Now a vibrant and highly successful community, Bethesda asked us to help publicise their latest update to the game – an eagerly awaited patch called ‘One Tamriel’ that allowed players to experience a truly open world incarnation of the Elder Scrolls universe. Our task was to generate awareness with current players, bring lapsed players back to the fold and drive sign-ups of new players to a holiday competition and Free Play Weekend allowing them to try out the game for free.

In a campaign spanning 10 European countries (plus Australia and New Zealand), we married brand and performance campaigns to ensure we reached the breadth of gamers from hardcore fans to the completely uninitiated. Targeted high impact video and display activity drove high reach and awareness alongside an exclusive pan-European partnership with Wikia that ensured interested gamers had a wealth of compelling and exciting content to hand. Our performance campaign ran in parallel, utilising the rich data being generated to identify and target the highest potential users and maximise incremental sales and sign-ups efficiently.


The campaign was a huge success, driving a resurgence in sales and user numbers for ESO with the Free Play Weekend achieving excellent participation – and quality targeting driving the highest conversion to sale recorded to date.


Digital (Social, Programmatic, Content, Video, Display)


Bethesda Softworks

Project Team

Stephen Juson, Mary Bond, Reuben Litman, Tom Wallace, Kim FitzGerald, Nick Toogood, Karima Sammout-Kanellopoulou