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2012 was a difficult time for the games industry – the overall market was steadily declining and the only true success stories in the sector were established franchises and sequels. Consequently, it was imperative that Bethesda and Target Media connected with the hardcore gaming audience to launch this stealth adventure title. A six month campaign began in April with an announcement trailer reaching gamers through YouTube, Xbox Live & mobile platforms with the aim of establishing early awareness amongst a fanatical audience base. By maximising our investment digitally we were able to create multiple touch points for gamers to find out more about the Dishonored story. An Xbox Live dedicated experience, a bespoke online destination alongside a live stream and a London event in collaboration with IGN – as well as a fully optimised mobile site – all hosted a multitude of mesmerising video assets to sustain consumer interest in the game. Dishonored was the highest selling week 1 new IP of 2012, and received a host of gaming awards including The Mirror’s, Official Playstation Magazine’s and Eurogamer Reader’s #1 game of 2012.


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Bethesda Softworks

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