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Dishonored 2

Having worked on the sleeper hit that was Dishonored in 2012, Target was keen to turn the sequel to this games industry darling into a mainstream hit. Extensive content partnerships with specialist games press from the kick-off of the campaign gave new gamers the opportunity to explore the context and lore of the Dishonored universe and old hands the chance to remember what they loved about the original.

Frequent social bursts of activity let gamers dip a toe into the finely-honed game mechanics of Dishonored 2 and experience first-hand the mind-boggling possibilities for freedom and creativity the game afforded. This long and short-form social content was supported by partnerships with native content specialists which brought the game to a broader mainstream audience. Fine-tuned programmatic and retail-focused media employed extensive targeting and audience strategies alongside branding to support gamers from discovery and interest to purchase.

Releasing in an incredibly competitive window, our branding campaign peaked at launch supported by a concerted focus on broadcast media and high impact digital – including targeted Television, Outdoor and Digital Video and Display – a highlight being our extensive pan-European sponsorship of the hugely popular US TV show ‘The Walking Dead’.

At release Dishonored 2 proved itself a cultural and charts hit – winning a host of accolades including ‘Best Action/Adventure Game’ at The Game Awards 2016 as well as PC Gamer’s ‘Game of the Year’ and IGN’s ‘PS4 Game of the Year’.


TV, Outdoor, Press, Digital (Social, Content, Programmatic, Video, Display)


Bethesda Softworks

Project Team

Tom Wallace, Kim FitzGerald, Stephen Juson, Loki Atanda, Reuben Litman, Nick Toogood, Karima Sammout-Kanellopoulou, Nicola Teague