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Dark Souls III

Dark Souls is not known for being a series the consumer can casually dip into. The intense (but fair) difficulty level, the ambiguous lore, and a grim gothic setting could all alienate gamers that were not already engrossed. To counter this, each of our video and big impact display media buys were accompanied with editorial partnerships that would drive home the greatness of the game series, highlighting why people loved it and how a newcomer could get into it – less of a hidden terror to be feared and more of an exciting challenge and part of the gaming zeitgeist.


Including video montages of user-submitted ‘Moments of Triumph’ from previous titles, full page content takeovers to switch sites to only Dark Souls articles, and first gameplay impression streams from popular influencers, our Dark Souls strategy balanced the line between showing off what fans wanted to see and retaining an easily digestible and interesting throughline which an interested newbie could grab a hold of and learn about the franchise. The centrepiece of the activity was an incredible dedicated Dark Souls hub on IGN populated over 4 weeks with an 18 episode content series, focused on taking an inexperienced player on his first steps into playing Dark Souls. The fantastic series earned rave reviews from IGN users and video views broke all existing IGN benchmarks.


Finally, once the game’s reviews were released prior to launch we used these to drive wider interest by amalgamating the reviews into Facebook newsfeed carousels pushed out to the broader RPG and AAA gamer audiences. Dark Souls III became the largest release in the franchise’s history, outselling its previous iteration’s week one numbers by 50%.


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