Target Intelligence

With the speed technology provides, media strategy, planning and buying has rapidly adjusted accordingly in terms of what analysis is required to delivery expert strategic thinking.

Media has always been in a good place when it comes to intelligence. As an industry we have had robust resources for relevant media information and learnings. These days whilst resources such as BARB, Mintel, Touchpoints, Thinkbox, You Gov, MediaTel, RAJAR, ABC, NRS etc provide a great start to strategy, smarter audience insight and media consumption has now clearly shifted its focus to private data. Such in house data Target Media have make us world leaders within our media sector.

Working on such a copious amount of campaigns means that Target can draw down on the digital results by audience, genre, media owner reach, time of day, creative, device, trading currency, optimisation information, location and country. Our data delivers the best ROI to any of our audiences due to the scale specific to entertainment and their core audiences.

As a consequence, good market intelligence is a key competitive advantage for any media campaign at Target Media.

For example in 2016 we have performance data across the following campaigns.